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Tattoo Aftercare & Maintenance Herbal Salve-vegan

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Tattoo Aftercare & Maintenance - vegan friendly This all natural tattoo balm is perfect for your new tattoo and wonderful to shine up your older ink. Our balm works fantastically to relieve the incessant itch of a healing tattoo. In addition to the calendula and chamomile, we've added comfrey. Comfrey is well known to speed healing in wounds. Calendula and chamomile are both known for their skin healing and anti-inflammatory properties. We organically grow and harvest the calendula & comfrey used in our balm and all other ingredients are natural and/or organic. Comes in a 1 oz easy to open screw top tin. Directions: Wait 48 hours or more after tattoo application. Gently massage over tattoo once to twice per day. Use sparingly on new tattoos. Use as needed on healed tattoos. Ingredients: Calendula infused olive oil, comfrey infused olive oil, candelilla wax, organic turmeric, chamomile essential oil Handcrafted in Clayton, WI USA