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Spring Hours: Monday - Saturday - 11am-5pm
Spring Hours: Monday - Saturday - 11am-5pm

Shadow Work Ritual Oil | Journey Work | Altar Oil | Ritual Oil | Spellcrafting | Witchcraft | Candle Dressing Oil | Witch | Dark Magick |

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Shadow work is the practice of going deeper, to find the parts of ourselves that we've lost, to help integrate them into ourselves, and possibly to heal past traumas. This oil has been charged and infused for a full lunar cycle, bringing in the energy of the moon in all its phases, so that it can help us heal through all of our phases. This sacred ritual oil is meant to be used in your daily devotion, ritual, ceremony, or prayer. It can be applied to your body, used to anoint altar tools, dress candles, or added to your bath. This oil carries the intoxicating scent of dragon's blood resin and amyris. Each bottle contains a sprig of wild harvested yarrow and frankincense tears. 1 fl oz