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M342 Red Fire Quartz Heart

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Fire Quartz is one of the most powerful energy stones available. Its energy is associated with the root chakra and sacral chakra. It enhances personal power and self-confidence, and brings completeness to one's life.

Fire Quartz is also known for its ability to stimulate personal expressiveness. Fire Quartz is a grounding stone. Its energy encourages one to stay grounded and to cultivate a sense of groundedness.

Fire Quartz is a stone of protection, bringing one into alignment with the higher self and repelling negative energies that might otherwise drain life force.

Fire Quartz is also an energy cleanser, removing old, stagnant energies from the body, and clearing away mental fog. Fire Quartz helps one stand up for one's beliefs. It encourages one to take action when one wishes.

Fire Quartz is an excellent stone to use in meditation. It stimulates energy flow, helping one access inner wisdom and intuition.