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Digestive Bitters Tincture

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The root of all health starts in the gut. Keeping your gut healthy and happy will promote overall wellness. Digestive bitters are a great way to promote healthier digestion.

•The combination of bitter herbs in this tincture improves mineral and nutrient absorption, improves the breakdown of fats and vitamins, can reduce food sensitivities, helps reduce gas and bloating, and can help prevent occasional heartburn and indigestion.

•These bitters will help calm mild nausea as well.

•The key to taking digestive bitters is actually tasting it. While most tinctures can be added to tea or juice to hide the flavor, tasting the bitter notes on your palette is key to getting all the benefits. We suggest putting a dropper-full of digestive bitters in about a tablespoon or two of water and sipping it. While bitter, it has a pleasant, earthy, familiar flavor.

Ingredients: Cane Spirits*, Gentian Root*, Artichoke Leaf*, Mullein*, Ginger Root*, Burdock Root*, Distilled Water


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