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Baphomet Witch Ball | Protection Ward | Witches Ball | Goat of Mendes | Occult Symbolism | Occult Witch | Paganism | Baphomet Decor

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Witch balls have been used to ward off evil spirits, bad fortune and ill wishes since the 1600s. Traditionally hung in windows (or on the porch, or in the corner of a room, depending on the tradition), they're a wonderful way to bring protection to a space. Each of our witch balls is created with intentions of protection and good fortune, and carry the energy of the stones and elements they're adorned with. Our Baphomet witch ball contains natural and black Spanish moss, black witch salt, amethyst, rose quartz, rosemary, lavender, stinging nettle, rose and cinnamon. It is adorned with black ribbon and black lace, black tourmaline, and your choice of a silver or black Baphomet charm.