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Spring Hours: Monday - Saturday - 11am-5pm
Spring Hours: Monday - Saturday - 11am-5pm

Reiki Twins Sessions

We have Taken a Unique, Modern Approach to an Ancient Holistic Practice

Reiki translates to "Universal Energy" and can be sent to the body through light touch or long distance. Trauma is stored in the body and manifests as chakra imbalances that can lead to physical and mental ailments. Visit our Educational Resources page to learn more about the chakra system and its relation to the functions of the body. Reiki works to heal mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or stress that affects day to day functioning as well as physical ailments such as arthritis, sciatica, digestive issues, chronic pain and so much more.

In our practice, we incorporate spiritual healing by sending healing energy to trauma that has occurred to the mind, body, and the soul. The integration of mind, body, and spiritual healing allows for trauma to be eliminated from the body completely.