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About Us

There was a time in my life where I was prescribed anti-depressants to help with hormonal balancing. I knew I didn’t want to take these because I knew the effect they would have on my body and my ability to be the mother I wanted to be. That’s when I started to research herbal alternatives. The problem I kept facing was that everything I did find was not directly from the was either mass produced, unknown source, or too many additives...THIS is where my product line, A&O Organics, developed. I had the desire and passion to create intentional products from the plants that were grown from my garden or sourced locally from farmers that I knew personally. My shop is an extension of who I am...from things that I enjoy, passions of the products I make, the desires to continue to give my customers more options of quality sourced products, & just my joy of helping other small businesses grow. I LOVE finding new products to bring in the shop, I get excited to present my latest creation, & find joy in the many conversations I have with all of you!! My love of helping others has helped me develop quality products and a store-front where you can find safe products for the whole family, healing for what ales you, & comforting in knowing where your products are coming from.