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About Natural Selection

Garden Grown,Organically Sourced, or Locally Foraged


At Natural Selection, we value quality products that are from the earth as much as possible. That is why all of our products at Natural Selection are grown from a garden, organically sourced, or locally foraged. 

Alternative Medicine


People have been healing with plants for centuries. Natural Selection Apothecary is passionate about plants, their medicinal benefits, and going back to from-the-earth, plant healing. 

Specifically Picked Products


 Each product in our store has been picked specifically for it's medicinal benefits or organic quality! All benefits of products are highlighted throughout the store.



There are so many plants and products with so many amazing benefits! It's hard to decide what's right for you and your family, especially with the overwhelming amount of information in this market. Natural Selection is providing a place where you can learn, understand, and choose the right products for you based off the knowledge given.

Medical Nutrition


 Many illnesses are encouraged by the toxins in our foods. Replacing unhealthy foods with cleaner, more organically grown options and natural plant remedies aids the body in healing itself and preventing future disease. 



The Outer Banks is an amazing community of local crafters, artists, and small business owners. At Natural Selection, we want to provide a place where quality, earth-grown products are in-stock and locally made.