Natural Selection Apothecary

Welcome to Natural Selection Apothecary! Here, we provide locally-sourced, small business, from-the-earth alternative medicine products. Helping our customers heal from the inside out!

Why Choose Us?

At Natural Selection Apothecary, we value products that are truly from the earth. We want to offer our customers a place to buy high quality products that are grown, organically sourced, or foraged locally! We take the time to provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to find the right herbal remedies for you. Stop on by to see the many options in botanical wellness!

Lovely shop with a knowledgeable owner. Austin is friendly and has a plethora of locally sourced and made natural products along with other fun things like books, candles, jewelry and treats. Definitely worth a stop

Laughing Sky Massage
local business owner

Stopped in last week while on vacation. Beautiful shop with a very friendly, knowledgable owner. I used the Cleaning Grains this evening and the scrub felt wonderful! Looking forward to trying out the chamomile tincture this evening as well. Thank you!

Renee B.

This is such a lovely, unique shop in the midst of tourist central! It’s a beautiful little space filled with good for you tonics and potions. Also a remarkable selection of books on herbals and other natural healing topics. Loved it!

Shannon B.
Washington D.C.

Fantastic experience today at Natural Selection Apothecary in Duck, NC! I left with some whipped honey made from the hives of local bees in eastern North Carolina and a tea blend of organic stinging nettles, lemongrass, and milky oat tops. Everything in the store has intentional medicinal benefits for a wide variety of alternative medicines. Great book selection as well. Expect to see some her teas served at my future yoga retreats. She ships ;)

Rebecca Childress Yoga & Wellness

About Us

Austin Brockway,

store owner

There was a time in my life where I was prescribed anti-depressants to help with hormonal balancing. I knew I didn’t want to take these because I knew the effect they would have on my body and my ability to be the mother I wanted to be. That’s when I started to research herbal alternatives. The problem I kept facing was that everything I did find was not directly from the was either mass produced, unknown source, or too many additives...THIS is where my product line, A&O Organics, developed. I had the desire and passion to create intentional products from the plants that were grown from my garden or sourced locally from farmers that I knew personally. My shop is an extension of who I am...from things that I enjoy, passions of the products I make, the desires to continue to give my customers more options of quality sourced products, & just my joy of helping other small businesses grow. I LOVE finding new products to bring in the shop, I get excited to present my latest creation, & find joy in the many conversations I have with all of you!! My love of helping others has helped me develop quality products and a store-front where you can find safe products for the whole family, healing for what ales you, & comforting in knowing where your products are coming from.


We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.


1177 Duck Rd., Suite 42, Duck, NC 27949

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